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Magic Band Season Is In Full Swing!  We have seen some Amazing 6 Meter Openings in the last week of May.   I put up a 5 Element (H-Square) Una-Yagi Antenna.   I am having Amazing Success already making hundreds of 6 Meter Contacts.      I expect it to get even better in June!   I hope to see you on the Magic Bands!   

Sporadic E propagation is probably the most interesting and exciting forms of signal enhancement for the keen VHF operator, or anyone interested in the 28Mhz (10m) 50MHz (6m) and 144MHz (2m) amateur bands.  Sporadic E clouds are usually fairly small in size, but larger clouds or multiple clouds often form during substantial openings.   Sporadic E is a sporadic concentration of the E layer ionisation into thin layers of high ionisation density that are able to reflect radio waves at much higher frequencies than normal.

The map below shows the location of any sporadic E inferred from PropNet reports for the last 4 hours. The terminator may be seen moving across the map at dawn and dusk.

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