NET TIME: Friday at 8:00pm  
Identifying What You Hear On The Radio!   
This week we will take a
look and a listen to each
kind of digital mode and
propagation type that a
Ham Operator may hear
on the air.   We will show you how to identify each of these radio transmissions and show you how to decode them.   We will hear a clip and see the wave form for each type of radio transmission.   Join us as we sort out all the noise....   This Friday at 8pm, on the Southwest Florida Tech Net.


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Magic Band Season Is In Full Swing!  We have seen some Amazing 6 Meter Openings in the last week of May.   I put up a 5 Element (H-Square) Una-Yagi Antenna.   I am having Amazing Success already making hundreds of 6 Meter Contacts.      I expect it to get even better in June!   I hope to see you on the Magic Bands!   

Sporadic E propagation is probably the most interesting and exciting forms of signal enhancement for the keen VHF operator, or anyone interested in the 28Mhz (10m) 50MHz (6m) and 144MHz (2m) amateur bands.  Sporadic E clouds are usually fairly small in size, but larger clouds or multiple clouds often form during substantial openings.

Sporadic E is a sporadic concentration of the E layer ionisation into thin layers of high ionisation density that are able to reflect radio waves at much higher frequencies than normal.

Introducing The New Southwest Florida Technical Team  

This group is a place where like minded technical specialists and enthusiasts can meet and explore Amateur Radio Technology and Systems.  Read More About the New Group and How To Join Here: 



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KO4EFS - ANNOUNCEMENT -  If You Want to Be The Guest Tech Specialist on an Upcoming Net, Please Email me with your specialty and we will schedule it.   I need folks to take a topic and bring it as our main topic one night on the net!   I know there's a lot of interest in Satellites, Digital Modes on HF, and D-Star vs Fusion vs DMR just to name a few!   I would love to hear your ideas and get you signed up to be our Tech Specialist one Friday Night!  If Interested, please send me an Email.    Thank You!

Consumer Alert - HRD Software 

AKA - Ham Radio Deluxe

I Strongly Recommend Against Using HRD Software.    I Personally purchased the Software Package and paid $100.00.  IT NEVER WORKED.   They Do NOT Guarantee that it Will Work With Your System!   Tech Support is Rude and will give up on you quickly!    They Refused to Refund my money!  I have spoke personally to three others who have had the same issue and experience.   Once you send your money, regardless of the outcome, you DO NOT Get Your Money Back.   It is rare to find an experience this bad in Ham Radio, but you can certainly find it here.    Much Better, Cheaper Software is out there that does everything that HRD will do and much more.   HRD Also has an antiquated look and feel and has lots of issues integrating with Logbook of the World.   I would stay away, plenty of better choices!  

                           Ian Hickin - KO4EFS 

The Zoom Platform offers amazing opportunities that radio can't:

1) Screen Share

2) Cameras over the work bench for Live Demonstrations.

3) We can CQ LIVE with a Screen Capture of the Radio and audio.  

4) We can have in specialists and instructors from anywhere in the world. 

5) Video Share - With Permission short videos from other sources can be used. 

6) Pre-Produced Segments - we can show video from earlier tests, club events, and equipment demonstrations. 

7) Demonstrate Digital Modes with Screen Capture and Audio.