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The Southwest Florida Tech Team is a place where

like minded technical specialists and enthusiasts

can meet and explore Amateur Radio Technology

and Systems.   This is not a Club in the way most

folks see clubs.   We are trying to bridge the gap

between what Local Clubs do and what Active Amateur Radio operators actually want to be doing at a time most can attend.   Most Amateur Radio Clubs are stuck in the past with nostalgic members that resist change and new technology.   These Roadblocks make it nearly impossible to make any large improvements or needed change within the club it'self.   Therefor The Southwest Florida Technical Team fills this gap!    

In most Clubs the Core Members have been around for many years and are very set in the ways of the Club!    New Members and New Hams have Virtually No Input at all!   These senior members block, stifle, and obstruct the progress of new members.  This is just unacceptable!   Our Group is Founded by New Hams!  We only want open minded, flexible folks that are interested in new ideas and new technologies.    We Respect and Protect the Traditions of Ham Radio, but we are not restricted or governed by it!   

This is not a social club.   We will not be having luncheons, get togethers, awards dinners, or socials.   What we do will be based on projects, events, builds, functions, contests, and operating our radios! 


We will have a particular focus on Public Awareness and Recruiting New Hams.    This is something that is completely lost on most Clubs!  Many Clubs don't even Invite the Media to Events or do anything to show the Public what we do!   Most Clubs do not seem to feel the need to recruit new fresh members into the hobby.    This should be one of the most important things Clubs Do!     

Events will NEVER Be Planned during Business Hours when working members are unavailable and functions will always concentrate on the weekends.    Many Clubs are run by Retirees and the scheduling and pace shows it!   They plan what few events they have during the middle of the week when working folks can't attend!   Again, our events, builds, activations, field days, drills, and gatherings will always be on the weekends!   That is when Hobbies should be scheduled if your goal is to include everyone, and we do!  


This is not a Club for retired naysayers from the past, it is for active folks that still want to do it, learn it, make it, build it, tune it, and talk on it!    If that is you, please join today!  

We are a group of folks that get together to do the following. 

  • Continue to expand and improve the Friday Night Southwest Florida Tech Net

  • Create several area wide radio nets focusing on Technology

  • Promote Amateur Radio through community outreach, media relations, and public education.  and..  We will actually do it!  

  • Provide LIVE Audio Streaming and Echolink Services to Amateur Operators

  • Antenna Building and Project Days - Actually getting together and working on things

  • Provide Remote HF Phone and HF Digital Operating Stations to Members that do not have access to the sky.

  • Continue participating in and expanding real time propagation research projects 

  • Group Contesting for both Digital and Phone - Field Days

  • Group POTA Activations and Hunts 

Future Plans include an Area Wide Linked and Connected Repeater System in Southwest Florida.  Something that has been needed for many years and has NEVER been Done!   


We have numerous unconnected repeaters that sit silent nearly 24 hours a day!     We need to look to the future and fix this!    Most Areas have Connected Systems, but Southwest Florida is particularly regressive in this area!    Echolink Haters, and Folks that like to keep repeaters silent still run the day!   Time for a Change! 

Membership in the SWFL Tech Team is Free to anyone who is serious!   Although there is no participation requirements, we are only looking for folks that want to be active!   There is no cost to join!   We will work on what we want to fund and how we will fund it later!    Much of what we do can be done with donations of equipment and time.   We just need to get going and get R done!   

Most Clubs are focused on Numbers and Dues, we are the opposite.  We only want Active Ham Radio Operators!     We only want you to join if you want to do things with the group!   We are not interested in numbers, we only want serious folks to join!   Most Clubs are full of members that do nothing.  In fact in nearly every case less than 10% of the members do 90% of the work!     We envision a small club where everyone is involved!    

This Club is in the founding stage and I am looking for the first members to help me form the Bylaws and set up our Operations!   I am looking for Pioneers to help me to forge a new sward and make a better path forward!    To try a different way!    I need forward looking folks with Fresh Ideas and Open Minds!    I am already in the Process of requesting our Club Call letters and Official ARRL Status!     


This is a great opportunity to try something different!   It cost nothing to join and you can continue what you do with your current club!    Join us today and discover New Fresh Ideas and Forward Thinking Members!   

I look forward to working with you!  

                                                                          JOIN HERE

Ian J. Hickin - KO4EFS 



Our Live Streams

SARnet Florida - Statewide Connected Repeater Network 


FMARC Repeaters in Lee County 

Remaining Lee County Repeaters

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