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🔴The ARRL is Failing: We Expose the Problems Plaguing the Largest Ham Radio Organization in the World.  Join hosts Ian and Joseph as they delve into the numerous issues facing the American Radio Relay League

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Welcome to StarShip Adventures, your gateway to the extraordinary! Join us as we embark on thrilling expeditions into the realms of the unknown, exploring the mysteries of the paranormal, unraveling the enigmas of ghosts, UFOs, & severe weather phenomena. Our channel is a cosmic odyssey through the realms of science fiction and beyond, delving into the captivating worlds of Star Trek and other beloved sci-fi shows. But that's not all—we're also passionate about the real-world applications of science and technology, diving into the latest advancements & discoveries. At StarShip Adventures, we're not just bystanders; we're active participants in the exploration. From the comfort of our studio to the vast landscapes of the Southeast United States, we take you along for the ride as we investigate, analyze, and uncover the truth behind the unexplained. So buckle up and prepare for an exhilarating voyage with StarShip Adventures—where the journey is just as thrilling as the destination

Space Weather


The Neutral Zone Studios

Don’t just dream about your fan

film! Live it at THE NEUTRAL ZONE

in Kingsland, GA! Your future self will thank you!

THE NEUTRAL ZONE is a Not for Profit facility that contains a full-scale suite of Constitution class starship sets including: the bridge, transporter room, engineering, sickbay, briefing room, captain’s quarters, auxiliary control, a 100 foot-long corridor, a near-by green screen facility, and much more!

Whether you are visiting during an open house or making your own fan film adventure, the Neutral Zone can be the place where your science fiction fantasy becomes a reality!


Consumer Alert

HRD Software  AKA - Ham Radio Deluxe

I Strongly Recommend Against Using HRD Software.    I Personally purchased the Software Package and paid $100.00.  IT NEVER WORKED.   They Do NOT Guarantee that it Will Work With Your System!   Tech Support is Rude and will give up on you quickly!    They Refused to Refund my money!  I have spoke personally to three others who have had the same issue and experience.   Once you send your money, regardless of the outcome, you DO NOT Get Your Money Back.   It is rare to find an experience this bad in Ham Radio, but you can certainly find it here.    Much Better, Cheaper Software is out there that does everything that HRD will do and much more.   HRD Also has an antiquated look and feel and has lots of issues integrating with Logbook of the World.   I would stay away, plenty of better choices!  

                           Ian Hickin - KO4EFS 



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